Date Night for 2 was created by Susan Glenn of Pleasant Grove, Utah with the purpose of making date night easy for you through a variety of engaging, meaningful date night events that strengthen relationships.


chad_n_allee_BWHi! We’re Chad and Allisan Looman and literally since the day we got married, we’ve had a love for planning fun events together. We are parents to 2, almost 3, small children and love the rare moments when we can get away from the chaos to remember that before we were a family, we were a couple.

Chad grew up in Northern California and earned his Bachelor’s in Business Management at UVU. By day he does events marketing and by night he’s a licensed caterer based in Pleasant Grove. His culinary specialties are grilling and amazing themed cakes.

Allisan grew up in the DC/Baltimore area, works from home as a Web and Graphic designer by day, and can’t help but dream up fun events all the rest of the time!

Our favorite things to do depend on who is planning date night: if Chad plans, we do something active like hiking or rock climbing. When Allisan plans, we go dancing or take in a concert or a play. But let’s face it – most of the time, no one plans ahead and we end up sneaking Cafe Rio into the movie theater and ignoring each other all evening and calling it a date night just like we did last weekend. Or worse, staying home to watch TV. Sound familiar?

wedding_dancingThe first event we planned together was our own wedding reception, and it was so expensive and exhausting we swore we’d never do it again (get married, that is). We did our own elaborate decorations and a full dinner, hired a jazz band and even invited swing dance teachers to lead all of our guests in a lesson so they’d have no excuse not to dance with us.

Soon afterward, we moved from Orange County to Utah County and, for lack of much else to do (besides eat at a different restaurant every weekend all year with no repeats – something you can ONLY do here in Utah County), fell into the dinner-and-a-movie routine. That’s when we first learned about Date Night for 2 and fell in love with the idea of date night events and holiday parties just for couples. Date Night for 2 saved our marriage and our waistlines from the monotony of sedentary, calorie-loaded dates, and at around $40-$60 per date, it was the same amount we would have spent on Cafe Rio and movie tickets anyway.

When Susan was no longer able to continue hosting her events, we started trying to create our own fun – Halloween and New Year’s parties for our friends, church and neighborhood events, even daring to be the oldest, nerdiest patrons of local music venues and dance clubs only to realize – we miss Date Night for 2!

The rest is history. We are so excited to carry on Susan’s legacy of giving Utah couples (not to mention ourselves) something interesting to do on Date Night!