…then here are some other local events you might like!

Date Night for 2 won’t be hosting any further¬†events for February or March, so we’ve scoured the interwebs for events and activities hand-picked just for people who love Date Night for 2. If you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day Dinner and Country Dance as much as we did, or if you wish you could have been there, we’re guessing you’ll enjoy these just as much:

Country Dancing in Provo


For just $4 per person, you can keep those dancin’ boots from gathering dust now that Valentine’s has passed. Check out the country dancing at Southworth Hall in downtown Provo every Wednesday and Saturday – lessons start at 9pm and dancing starts at 9:35.

And for our truly versatile fans, they also have Latin dancing every Thursday/Friday and West Coast Swing every Tuesday!

Utah Arts Festival Masquerade Party


Looking for an excuse to dress up? Support the arts in Utah at the Falls Event Center in Trolley Square this Saturday, February 20th. For $50/person ($65 at the door) you can enjoy food, drinks, dancing, just-for-fun casino games and more.

Full Moon Cross Country Ski or Snowshoe


Hoping to get away from the crowds? Explore the wintry trails of Sundance by the light of the full moon 5pm – 9pm this Saturday, February 20th! $15 rents your equipment and gets you unguided access to the trails.

Did you love our Valentine’s Dinner Dance?